BCHS Art Trading Cards: Mental Health Awareness Week 2017


Today marked our the final art therapy based project, sponsored by my Spectrum¬†club’s DEHR grant, for the 2016-2017 school year. For information on past projects please check out the following links:

Heart of A Community: BCHS Students Fill Their Hearts

ART THERAPY: We All Wear a Mask

For this final exercise we decided to try an art trading card technique. Art trading cards, are similar to hockey cards, or pokemon cards. The image on the front represents something about a person. The back of the card provides a name and a few details about the person it represents.

Based on our success with past project, we chose to make this a multimedia task with minimal instruction so that our students had plenty of opportunities for personal reflection.


Students were then asked to complete 3 cards.

  1. To keep
  2. To trade
  3. A final card to contribute to the BCHS commemorative collage.

*although we allowed complete freedom for the first two cards we asked the students to base their third card on what it means to be a member of the Bishop Carroll community


With Spotify “tunes for the coffee bar” channel streaming in the background. We provided our students with two hours to work on their projects.

The results were amazing.

We are waiting for the last few cards to come in and then we are planning to mat the cards in a single frame in order to create a legacy piece to remember not only Bishop Carroll’s 45th anniversary, but also the year we were able to collaborate between art and counselling thanks to our amazing DEHR grant.


Thank you ATA.


Mrs. Luong


Mozilla Webmaker Training 2014

In January of 2013 my colleague stepped through my office door way in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and said “Hey Erin, I think I found something fun we should try- lets take #Etmooc”, and so began my journey into the power of connected learning. At the time I was a newbie to the field of educational technology. I was presented with many ideas throughout the 12 weeks of #Etmooc. I participated in a variety of activities including a webinar which introduced me to Mozilla.

A number of my colleagues have participated in the 2013 Webmaker Training series as well as other #TeachTheWeb activities. I was intrigued yet intimidated to get started. I lurked in the background, watching them work and listening to them grow.

Last week as I was scanning my twitter feed I noticed that a new opportunity was coming up. It has been about a year since I first heard about Webmaker Training so I`ve decided to take action. From my desk in Tarui, Japan I have decided that I am now ready to try tinkering around and learning.

Here is my first attempt at a remix