Deferred Leave- Part of My Self Care Strategy

Being a school counsellor, particularly one for CCSD, has provided me with so many blessings that I never could have anticipated when I stated my career back in 2000.  The following are just a few of the many opportunities I have been grateful for over the years:

  • Chaperoning traveling music and science field trips (an opportunity to get to know your colleagues and students on a totally different level).


  • Opportunities to develop and run group counselling sessions- watching a team of students bloom while learning about topics such as anxiety and/or healthy relationships.


  • Working in an innovative environment, which embraces my use of technology, and encourages me to expand my PLN.


  • Opportunities to sponsor student initiated clubs

Spectrum Club                                                        BCHS Youth Champions

  • The opportunity to live abroad in Tarui Japan (2013-2014)



Though I have truly loved all of these amazing opportunities to interact with students and colleagues in many amazing ways, I believe that the next opportunity that I am about to access through my district will truly help rejuvenate me, refill my cup and prepare me for another 17 years of excitement and joy with my district.

Deferred Leave

Using this program provided by CCSD I have been deducted 16.67% of my salary for the past five (5) years.   These deductions are allowing me to take a leave during the up coming school year. Not only will I continue to be paid 83.35% of my salary, but my position has also been reserved for me within the district for when I return to work in fall 2018.


I am planning on using my deferred year as an opportunity to connect with those who are truly important in my life. My kids and myself.

A few of my goals for this upcoming year.

  • BECOME A GIRL GUIDE LEADER- my daughter truly loved being a brownie, and I appreciate that she has been able to connect with other positive, empowering female role models. As she moves up into Guides I am excited to join this journey with her.
  • SIT ON THE BOARD FOR EPIC FENCING- my son loves this sport and I want to give back to the community who has provided him with so much.
  • SUPERVISE A PRACTICUM STUDENT- my mentor has chosen to retire this year. I am excited to help a new comer transition into the position that I love so much
  • EXPLORE some Expressive Arts Therapy techniques
  • PREPARE for the 2018 ATACSC conference.
  • REFILL my own personal cup.