#DCMOOC- A Fresh Start at Digital Citizenship

As a high school counsellor, parent and educator I value life long learning. #DCMOOC is a connectivist MOOC, which means it thrives on how students learn with and from each other. I am excited to start this adventure as I hope it will provide me with a flexible opportunity to connect with others who are reflecting on the importance of teaching and modeling digital citizenship.


One of the benefits of participating in #DCMOOC is being able to learn from experts in the the field such as @suewaters of Edublogs.
I originally began blogging in 2013 during #ETMOOC. At that time I was a rookie in the digital world and was proud to be able to get my feet wet. After listening to Introduction to Blogging by Sue Waters I realized that although I have been writing, I have also been missing half of the blogging cycle.


@suewaters Introduction to Blogging with Sue Waters

Although I had been putting my ideas out there, I have not spent as much time in the reflection phases of blogging. I had been taking a passive stance, simply reading or liking others responses rather than posing questions.

I realize that #DCMOOC would be a perfect opportunity for me to take a fresh look at my own blogging digital citizenship.

Therefore I would like to
1) try the EDUBLOG Teachers Challenge
2) read and respond to my colleagues blog posts

Looking forward to learning with you.