Who Am I Today… Playing with AI in anticipation of #etmooc2 coming April 2023

I am so excited. It’s been 10 years since I began my blog… way back in 2013 during my original #etmooc adventure. Since my initiation into the world of technology I have been on a variety of adventures which have lead to one of the coolest careers ever.

Here is a synopsis of my career thus far

Erin Luong (she/her)

  • BEd- Special Education and Science (2000) MC – Counseling Psychology (2007) CCC- Canadian Certified Counsellor- CCPA (2006- present)
  • Started my career at OLP (2000) as an AISI Special Education Coordinator (BJ thank you for being brave enough to hire 21 year old to start a resource program)
  • Proud recipient of the Alberta Teachers Association AISI award for Innovation (2001)
  • Taught in South Korea (2003)
  • Started my career as a School Counsellor at AOL (2004) and was introduced to my mentor and life long friend Susan Spellman Cann- Also had my son Arden that year
  • Practicum at Eastside Counselling Center (2005-2006)
  • Practicum at BM (2006-2007) where I worked along side Susan
  • Started counselling at Carroll (2007) – Also had my daughter Leena that year (noticing a pattern)- Started my 10 year stint as the Girl’s Rugby coach- Go Cards
  • Became the CT of Student Services (2009)
  • Joined #etmooc Jan 2013 – and life was never the same
  • Liaison between Japan and Calgary Catholic (2013-2014)- Took part in Vlogging community such as Open Spokes
  • Co- Conspirator for #scchat and International School Counsellors Chat (2014- present)
  • Returned to Canada and Carroll where I helped start the first GSA in a Catholic School in Alberta (2014) . We also started the We Don’t Say Campaign
  • Won the Alberta Teacher’s Association Murray Jampolsky Award (2016) for Outstanding Practice as a School Counsellor.
  • 2016 became the president of the ATA Council of School Counsellors.
  • Left Carroll and became a Mental Health Literacy Specialist (2018- 2020)). Trained under Andrew Baxter and Stan Kutcher to become one of the Provinces GO TO Educator Facilitators. Trained over 1200 staff and 6000 student in the Go To Educator program through Calgary Catholic.
  • Consultant for Guidance and Counselling for Calgary Catholic (2020-2022)
  • Awarded the GFEL Top 100 Leaders in North America Education Award (2020-21).
  • Sat on the provincial committee to develop the Elementary Mental Health Literacy Curriculum (2019-2022)
  • Launched her personal counselling business Wings Out by Erin Luong. http://www.wingsout.ca (2023)
  • I’ve also published a number of documents including
  • vlogging with the Openspokes
  • Co-conspiratoring on a number of moocs
  • https://oclmooc.wordpress.com/co-conspirators/
  • Authored a few resources
  • https://pressbooks.pub/humanmooc/embed/#?secret=HYdnDhkebz#?secret=neM91zmQhD
  • https://openpress.usask.ca/humanmooc/chapter/social-learning-in-online-environments/embed/#?secret=yRoCgrWhnO#?secret=S9hcJ0EOWu
  • Trauma Informed Practice for Teachers of Refugee Students.
  • After all this fun I am wondering where our latest adventure #etmooc2 a mini mooc on Articial Intelligence is going to take me.
  • I anticipation on this event Susan encouraged me to play….. so here’s my first dip into this worldhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um6ksQVbzcU

Looking forward to playing more with my #etmooc2 community starting in mid April

Lots of Love



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