Sunshine Award Post


This is my second time being nominated for this type of meme, however since I found the first experience intriguing both in my reflection on answering the question, and connecting with my PLN I thought I would do a second round.


Step 1: Acknowledge the nominating blogger:

susanvg nominated me for this post. Susan was one of the first people I ever interacted with online when I joined #etmooc last year. I was initially drawn to her posts because she was from Australia (my dream destination) and she was willing to ask questions and push thinking, but always in a respectful manner. I also admire her passions for music, photography and she has some great pinterest pages.


Step 2: 11 random facts about me:


I will try to think a 11 new ones…..

1)    My husband wanted to name my first born Arwyn from the Lord of the Rings, I named our first rabbit that instead.

2)    My cousin Dacia `s experience with CP and schooling inspired me to start my career as a special education teacher.

3)    I love reading books more than I enjoy watching movies.

4)    I`ve coached highschool girl`s rugby.

5)    I`ve coached junior high boys basketball.

6)    I`ve walked along the Great Wall of China

7)    I`ve parasailed

8)    I`ve shot over 1000 shots on my son in the basement while he practiced his goalie skills

9)    I am very proud of both of my children

10) I chipped my C4 vertebrate, falling from a horse, just 2 weeks after getting married

11) If I start a novel I feel compelled to finish it even if I don`t care for the content


Step 3: Answer the nominating blogger’s 11 questions:

1. What is something you would really like to learn? I wish I was more fluent with my Japanese… especially Kanji

2. If you could live somewhere else – where would it be?
3. What led you to blog?
#etmooc- I took up the challenge
4. What is your biggest concern about the world today?
I am concerned that we are moving so fast we don`t slow down and teach our children to appreciate the little things.
5. What brings a smile to your face?
Watching my kids play.
6. What is one way your teaching has changed since you started?
I have a plan but I`m more in the moment with what my students need now rather than rushing to meet the deadline.
7. What is one piece of advice you would give to a new teacher?
Breath, everything feels strange the first year and that is normal. We all learn from feeling uncomfortable.
8. What book have you read recently that you would recommend to others?
Rosie Dunne…. Not deep but helps you to understand priorities and missed opportunities through the use of letter writing.
9. How do you de-stress?
I do jig saw puzzles
10. What is one place you think everyone should visit?
Okinawa Japan
11. Favourite social media tool?

Google +

Step 4: Ask 11 questions:


  1. How many careers have you had?
  2. Favorite Song
  3. Favorite childhood memory
  4. Favorite recipe
  5. Favorite way to spend the weekend
  6. Hardest part about being a teacher?
  7. Best part about being a teacher?
  8. How did you pick your career?
  9. Who in your educational path inspired you most?
  10. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  11. What would you do with your last 24 hours on earth?


Step 5: My nominations for 11 bloggers:

Not sure who has already done this. I hope you all don’t mind being nominated (again if that’s the case), and I truly look forward to reading your responses, if you decide to do this! Please don’t feel any pressure – we all have our own priorities!













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