Digital Dualism and School Counselling

The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) is a searchable online registry used to promote research-based practice. According to the NREPP the connection a child or adolescent feels to their counsellor is imperative to the success the student experiences in counselling.

Many students live in a space of “digital dualism” Their lives are an interplay of both online and offline relationships.

As a high school counsellor, my goal is not to teach students what they MUST do to be successful, but rather encourage them to reflect on their strengths and what would work for them. One of the ways that I have found to successfully connect with many of my students is through the incorporation of technology.

 Students are empowered to self reflect when they develop projects, assignments and strategies using tools such as Youtube, Livebinders, Haiku Deck, Pinterest, Instragram, Twitter and more.  Asking for the student’s ideas and opinions also demonstrates that what they were doing is valuable and worth recognizing

The following are just a few of the projects and or resources I’ve seen that
were developed or recommended by students:

HAIKU DECK: Collaborative: Letting Go of Negative Thoughtsanxiety


I would love to hear how others are integrating technology into their offices and/or classrooms as a response to digital dualism.


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