This Woman Dances With Wolves

My mother is an extremely passionate woman and devoted mother. She often brought the influence of her occupation, psychotherapy, into our home through dinner conversations, research and books. One book, I specifically remember holding a place of prestige on our bookshelf was Women Who Run With the Wolves by Dr, Estes.

For a brief review of this book please check out the following link


Women Who Run With The Wolves
Rider 100


Clarissa Pinkola Estés




Rider, 2008


1846041090, 9781846041099


560 pages







Body, Mind & Spirit / General
Psychology / General
Psychology / Movements / Psychoanalysis
Social Science / Folklore & Mythology

The book Women Who Run With the Wolves, explores many intercultural myths and fairy tales to help women reconnect with their power of intuition. According to mythology Wolf spirit animals have a few identifying characteristics.  I have provided a quick summary below:

Sharp intelligence and deep connection with instincts. Wolves are wild animals that are not easily domesticated and when they appear as spirit guides, they could be an invitation to look at what supports your authentic self and the true expression of yourself.

  • Do you need time or help in distinguishing what is true and authentic from lies and deceit in communications with someone? Within yourself?
  • Like the wolf that howls, do you need to let some of the tension out and express yourself loud and clear in your circle of close relationships?

Teachers or Pathfinders. According to Ina Woolcott, both Native American and Celtic customs regard Wolf as the way of find the deepest levels of self, of inner knowing and intuition. This is symbolized by the image of the wolf howling at the moon. The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self and to discover our inner power and strength. However, to achieve this, we must take risks and face our deepest fears. Wolf requires sincerity. Though demanding a lot of us, much is given in return; a spirit helper that is always there to help, giving us extraordinary powers of endurance. Learn to hear the voice within yourself, which in silence is as clear as the sound of the wolf howling in the night.

Wolves express themselves a lot with body language. If angry, they may stick their ears straight up and show their teeth.  A wolf wanting to play, dances and bows playfully. Their body language is symbolic.  We also use body language to send out messages.

Members of a Pack. A Wolf clan has a solid social structure, in which all adults participate in the upbringing of the young. Wolves are fiercely loyal to their mates, with a strong sense of family whilst upholding individualism. Though their clans are highly organized, they are truly free spirits. They have the ability to make quick and firm emotional attachments.  A Wolf is thought to be an independent explorer coming back to her pack to teach what she has discovered.


Appetite for freedom When a wolf manifests its presence as a guide in your life, it could be a call to live your life more freely, to bring the intensity of passion in your everyday endeavors (Woolcott).

  • Do you need time for yourself to reconnect with your true, deep passions in life?
  • Do you need to find more isolation to “collect” yourself and reconnect to your personal, spiritual quest?

For the last few weeks as we have been talking about  Open Access and the Future of Education I have taken time participate as a member of a the  #Etmooc Pack in the form of Google+ Hangouts,  #etmchat, tweets, Wiki’s and Paper-li  I have also spent some time alone reflecting on what the open movement truly means to me. I’ve discovered my passion for collaboration, collective knowledge and authentic learning experiences.

During our final topic Digital Citizenship – Identity, Footprint, & Social Activism I hope to refine my ability to “HOWL AT THE MOON” about everything I have learned from my #Etmooc experience.



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