Taking a Chance Through Open Education – I’m All In

Throughout #etmooc I have been influenced by many people. Although these are not my only influences over the last few months, at this time I’d like to acknowledge:

Susan Spellman Cann- my mentor, friend, colleague, haiku guru and the one who asked me if I wanted to try something new this year…..

Sam Boswell– Aussie connection, inspirtation, and first person I ever connected with during #etmchat

Susan van Gelder for starting the no-lurkers pack with me in week 2.

Alec Couros my moderator, the first person who invited me to speak in a blackboard collaborate session, and the man who jumped into my first google hang out.

Rhonda Jessen for showing me the Alberta connection.

Christina Hendricks for being willing to share the post secondary perspective with me.

Ben Wilkoff for showing me the power of the vlog- and the fellowship of the ning.

Dave Cormie for teaching me that every movement starts with a transplant of an idea… then it takes off. Also, guided me to improve my presentation technique.

Doug Belshaw for showing me that even I had a certain degree of digital literacy.

Karen Young– informed me that I could continue my passion around anthropology through coursera

Tina Photakis my Aussie connection

Lee Graham for producing her paper-Li

Paul Signorelli My non-academic connection

JudyArzt and Amy Burvall who invite me to explore my creativity

Lisa Noble my kindered filing cabinet.

Sherry Hegstrom – sparked the conversation which inspired the Etmooc wiki.

I hope that I’m able to maintain these connections as well as many others as my #etmooc adventure moves into the next realm. The converstation is definitly not stopping here. Check out my animoto for a preview of where my journey is taking me.

Taking a Chance Through Open Education – I'm All In.



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