Embracing My Inner Blue Whale

As I was flipping through You-tube this afternoon I came across the following video which really touched my spirit.

This sparked my curiosity and I found myself playing around, flipping through videos. My son then reminded me that it was time to practice his home reading. He saw what I was checking out on the screen and chose his book accordingly.

As I played I began to reflect on what was drawing me to this majestic creature. Do I admire their ability to go to great depths, tremendous stamina, pacing, breathing, or communicating at great distances. According to my son’s Childcraft Encyclopedia, Roger Payne and Douglas Webb (from the 1970’s) predicted that the loudest whale sounds might be transmitted across an entire ocean (Yes, I am constantly acquiring knowledge from a variety of sources).

As my son and I continued to practice his home reading I discovered that whales are very family orientated and defend and protect one another and their young (sounds familiar). Females will travel in groups and encircle the calves in the herd to keep them safe while their mothers dive deep to hunt for food. Whale calves cannot go too deep into the ocean until they have matured enough to handle the pressure of the water. – Perhaps nature’s first guidance counsellors. They are very intelligent animals and are sensitive to a multitude of emotions from happiness to anger, and they respond to these emotions in various ways. Whales have been shown to morn the loss of a partner, child, or friend.

Canadian aboriginal cultures believe that the whale totem possesses the following virtues:
Deeper consciousness, ancient energy and vibrations, family values, happiness and harmony, beauty, balance, social skills, cooperation, increased powers of communication, affection, energy, grace, charm, charisma, and intelligence.

To watch a Whale, or spot one in its natural habitat is a truly inspirational experience in grace, beauty and magnetism. They are quite awe inspiring and their size is truly intimidating. Travel, friendship, devotion to family, nobility and grace are all key qualities found in whales. I hope that eventually I will be able to honor the majesty of the whale in my own online environment.


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