First impressions for topic 3 Digital Literacy – Information, Memes & Attention

Well time to move past my digital story challenge and begin to refine my focus to digital literacy. Phase 1, I checked out wikipedia for a general overview of the new literacies:
What are new literacies?
I realized that this was about more than just recognizing the words on the page.
I found that the following two videos helped me to visualize the evolution of communication, which helps me to understand how my students may be gaining knowledge today.

The value of making connections in an online environmoent

As we move into this new version of learning, I feel that it is our responsibility as educators to make sure that our students are not only comfortable with technology, but that they are also practicing responsible digital citizenship. As I am a relatively new member of the online community I will be using the following resources to help me mentor my students to become responsible digital citizens.

Educational Techonology and Mobile Learning

!0 Must Have Resources to Teach Students about Copyright and Fair Use

I am looking forward to exploring this topic further over the next two weeks. As my impressions mature I hope to be able to blog about my new ideas.


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