Digital Story Challenge day 10: Mixbook

It’s day 10 of my digital story challenge. Today I have created a mixbook.This is a fabulous resource as you can create the digital version for free and you also have the option to pay for a hard copy. Thinking of using this as a year at a glance with my homeroom.

I had never heard of mixbook before and then I was going through the twitter feed on #educoach and I noticed the following book
Friends Who have Never Met
I loved this story for both it’s content and it’s format.

As you can probably tell I have abandoned my original storyline, however I am still trying to explore 14 different digital technologies by the 18th of February. My inspriation for today’s story came from a trip I chaperoned 2 years ago to China. We took 185 high school students to mainland China for an international music competition and cultural exchange.

CaTouring China

Every new experience creates a new story.


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