Susan you are amazing… maybe I’ll try out a narrable this weekend too

Counsellor Talk : Creative Collaborative Connections

ImageNarrable :

Is another great digital storytelling tool. It is easy to learn and easy to use.

Students would find this a great tool to use for presentations. I can easily use this as a tool for sharing information about school counselling.

You can:

  • pick your best pictures
  • upload them
  • record your voice
  • share

When you share to facebook etc. You get another narrable to use for free.

Check out my first narrable… Do you think you could use this to tell your story?

A work in progress still figuring out how to embed or share on wordpress.

Thanks to Erin Luong who suggested I tweet the code first, then copy and paste the tweet from twitter to wordpress and I probably would get the link which I did. It saved me a lot of frustration being able to do it this way. So here it is:

Click on…

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