My 5 Card Creation

Five Card Story: An Exciting #Etmooc Experience

a #etmooc story created by @EHordyskiLuong

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by ncaramanico

flickr photo by Henriksent

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by Henriksent

There was once a school counsellor from Calgary who decided that she wanted to explore a new world. She decided to take a trip through #Etmooc. She wasn’t sure what she would see there, but hoped that she would be exposed to new ideas which she could filter and incorporate into her work with students.

As she left for her journey she made a decision, she wanted to put her all into her trip. There was no point in going out there if she was not willing to engage with others. Even though she felt like she was less experienced than others in the community, she really wanted to try her best to be authentic and learn all she could.

Her #etmooc experience was very exciting. Everytime she pushed herself to a new level she would incorporate skills that she had already developed. Like a game of Angry Birds, some levels were easy and she could get through on her first try…. while others took repetition, patience and sometimes required a break before coming back.

But she realized that the time was now and the time was right,

She felt so excited about her journey that she wanted to shout it to the roof tops….
#Etmooc is fantastic and something that anyone can do!!!!!!


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