John Cox- a moocer before his time


Tonight I had the unique pleasure of going to a guest lecture by animatronics specialist John Cox. You may not recognize his name, but you have probably seen his work as he created “Babe”, the gorilla’s from “George of the Jungle” the monsters in “Pitch Black”, the special tools in “Inspector Gadget” and many more projects.

As I reviewed his projects I thought, wow, this man is a master.

At the end of his talk he accepted questions from the audience. One lady asked him if this was a career that someone could actually make a career out of and where to get the training. His response really touched on all of the ideas I’ve been trying to work through during my #etmooc experience.

John said that anyone who is totally passionate about the topic would be successful because they would be willing to bend the rules and try new things. He admitted that he was self trained and from the age of 14 he decided he wanted to make movies and he has been constantly working to learn all he can about his craft.

He also stated that the most important aspect was a person’s willingness to take risks, and make mistakes . John admitted that he has made a number of mistakes throughout the last 40 years, some which were massive, however he used each challenge as a new learning opportunity.

Perhaps my #etmooc experience will never lead to blockbuster movie credits… but then again you never know.



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