PLN’s for School Counsellors

Today was a fantastic networking day for me. (check out my mini animation of my experience)


My day started by co-presenting a PD session for Junior High School Counsellors with my favourite colleague Susan Spellman Cann our topic was technology in counselling and our purpose was to help these counsellors explore their resources.

After 30 minutes of sharing we opened to floor and allowed the participants to play around (inspired by David Cormiers rhizomic lecture from earlier this week).

All the participants wanted to set up TWITTER accounts and then the fun began.

Sherri-lynn Pearce ‏@PearceSherri
This was the best PD session I have ever been to in my 17 years with this district! @EHordyskiLuong @SSpellmanCann #scchat
loriyyc ‏@loriyyc777
Thank you ladies this was the best PD ever! I appreciate your help so much! @SSpellmanCann @EHordyskiLuong #sschat
Andrea W ‏@gomaddoggo
Technology for Counsellors – I’m treading cautiously into the powerful world of the Twitter. Game on, people! @EHordyskiLuong
Lynnette Maier ‏@ldmaier
@EHordyskiLuong @SSpellmanCann This has been a great PD. Love that it is counsellor specific and very practical.#cscchat
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Michelle Brown ‏@Michelle0102197
@EHordyskiLuong thanks for hooking me up with Twitter for #schoolcounselors The session will lower my #anxiety in this job!

We decided to create a new hash tag for CANADIAN SCHOOL COUNSELLORS #cscchat and encouraged our new counsellors to incorporate this into their posts.

Our American Counselling partners have already mastered the world of PLN using a variety of methods including the work of Dr Erin Mason and the hash tag #sschat

Later on in the evening… checking out the river of twitter we ended up connecting with Trent Langdon who is currently the head of the school counsellors chapter of the Canadian Psychotherapy and Counselling Association. After a brief exchange we have coordinated a Google+ Hangout for early next week to discuss the benefits of association membership. He is also going to share the #cscchat tag with the members of his chapter… thereby once again extending my PLN.

I love the fact that I have been able to apply so much of what I’ve learning during ETMOOC practically into my life.

Thanks to Etmooc for providing me with such a fabulous PLE


3 thoughts on “PLN’s for School Counsellors

  1. Impressed that you are implementing so much so quickly. It is great to be able to start face to face and provide support as a group digitally later. Those f2f connections are so important. I am in a position where I am supposed to be growing a network with people I have never met and who may not be in the least bit interested in being part of a network. Quite a challenge. Any suggestions on enticing them are welcome.

    • Hi Susan

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m not sure about the networking piece, as that is something that I am new at too. One of the things I’m trying is picking a specific topic or theme ie. school counselling and sending it out into the Twitterverse to try and connect with others who are interested in the same ideas. I’ve also tried using hash tags more to specialize who look at my posts. Also, I am finding little mini connections (like the one you and I made on the first #etmchat) help as I have special people I look for in google +.

      • I think in terms of building up one’s own PLN that is a great approach. Where I work, they want us to develop communities (behind walls) for people from across the province. I’m struggling with how you make them see that being part of a community is a worthwhile venture – a place to go to for ideas and support.

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