What a fantastic reflection on the importance of collaboration

Counsellor Talk : Creative Collaborative Connections

Image I never underestimate the importance of the administration in any school, but an administrator who is showing digital leadership today is so important. George Couros http://georgecouros.ca/blog/ models this extremely well.

In one of my first twitter chats the topic I chose to engage in was the Principal and School Counsellor Relationship. http://www.schcounselor.com/2012/11/scchat-transcript-principal-and-school.html

Administration seeing counsellors as part of the leadership team is so important to me and I have been very fortunate to have leaders who absolutely view their school counsellors this way.  One of the main ideas I got from that chat was the possibility of the principal and counsellor presenting together, which I really liked.  I have presented many times in many ways to both counsellors, teachers and administrators, but never in all my years have I presented with my administrator. We have worked together, collaborated together, thought of ideas together, but never presented together.

After listening to…

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    • So cool. Love it when your work gets out there. This week Haiku Deck asked to use one of my digital stories in their gallery, it was cool to see that something I did can be enjoyed by others.

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