My Water Wings



PHOTO’s during para- sailing at Catalina island last spring. I thought they were appropriate as this was the last time I took a major RISK.


So tonight was my first real time chat and it started out a little rough.

5pm rolled around and I’m sitting alone in the blackboard room.

Thankfully my problem solving skills kicked in, and rather than giving up I did a little searching…. my G+ calendar indicated that I was actually supposed to be in Twitter (who knew that you could click on the calendar to get more details on the event)..

Realizing that I now needed to try out twitter I accessed the following resources
for the love of learning: Twitter is sold wrong

I realized that most people knew a lot more than I did, so my strategy was to engage others through asking them about terms they used which I didn’t previously know. Doing this I learned

twitterfall,, Websites that allows you to follow a hashtag – edit the speed and auto adds the hashtag to your tweets

a tool like hootsuite or tweetdeck lets you set up columns

Evernote as a great online filing cabinet. Great organizational tool.

G+ Hangout it ‘s real time video conferencing via google+ great way to have a conversatio … here’s their’s a super easy tech to use

The General tone I received from this strategy was that its ok not to know. And that people are proud to be able to share theire knowledge with others.
Michelle Franz ‏@lrndeveloper
My pleasure! I remember the feeling & if I can help abate for others I do my best to @nobleknits2 #etmchat


3 thoughts on “My Water Wings

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  2. Hi Erin

    You have made me feel so much better! I also got the date wrong and had log into the Blackboard Collaborate session. My mistake was a bit worse because I’m doing the Intro to blogging session and was a day early.


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